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Welcome to Jasmine Palace Resort, Hurghada
We hope you had a comfortable journey and that you will enjoy your stay in Jasmine Palace Resort.
The whole team will exert on arranging your stay a comfortable and restful as possible.
We hope that you will keep your stay in good memory.
We would be happy to welcome you a next time again in our hotel.
Escape to what has been named the most magical destination on the planet but most people call it Sea. The location of our hotel is in the heart of the red sea. Here, your mind, body, and soul can't help but relax and become one with nature.

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Jasmine Palace management team dedicates all their effort to ensure that our guest receive the highest standard of service and achieve highest grades of satisfaction.
If you are visiting Jasmine Palace Resort as a couple or as a family, we can assure meeting your high levels of desired quality.

Welcome to Our Hotel...

Address: Km 18, Sahl Hasheesh Road, Hurghada, Red Sea. Mailing Address: PO Box 51, Hurghada, Red Sea. 
‚ÄčTel: +20 100 3702 702 and +20 65 3461 060 (7 Lines). fax: +2065 3461 160.
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